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A list with Comic/Anime Real Life Movies for you (german)

Real Life Movies

15.04.1943 The Batman

26.05.1949 Batman and Robin

20.07.1966 Batman hält die Welt in Atem

23.06.1989 Batman Batman

19.06.1992 Batmans Rückkehr

16.06.1995 Batman Forever

20.06.1997 Batman & Robin

10.06.2005 Batman Begins

14.07.2008 The Dark Knight

18.07.2012 The Dark Knight Rises


1998 Blade

2002 Blade II

2004 Blade Trinity

The Avengers

2012 The Avengers

Fantastic Four

2005 Fantastic Four

2007 Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer

Captain America

1979 Captain America

1979 Captain America II Death too Soon

1990 Captain America

2011 Captain America - The first Avenger


2011 Thor

The Flash

1990 Flash Serie

1991 The Flash II revenge of the trickster

1992 The Flash III Deadly Nighshade


2003 Daredevil

2005 Spin off Elektra

Superman Movies

1951 Superman and the Mole Men

1978 Superman

1980 Superman II – Allein gegen alle

1983 Superman III – Der stählerne Blitz

1987 Superman IV – Die Welt am Abgrund

2006 Superman Returns

2013  Superman: Man of Steel


2007 Ghostrider

2011 Ghosrider Sprit of Venegeance

Green Lantern

2011 Green Lantern

Howard the Duck

1986 Howard the Duck

Jonah Hex

2010 Jonah Hex


2003 Hulk

2008 Der unglaubliche Hulk


1984 Supergirl

Wonder Woman

1974 Wonder Woman Fernsehfilm

1975 Wonder Woman Serie

Iron Man

2008 Iron Man

2010 Iron Man 2


2002 Spider-Man

2004 Spider-Man 2

2007 Spider-Man 3

2012 The amazing Spider-Man

Die Maske

1993 Die Maske

2005 Die Maske 2


2004 Catwoman

X Men

2000 X Men

2003 X Men 2

2006 X Men der letzte Wiederstand

2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 

2011 X-Men: Erste Entscheidung 


1989 Punisher (Dolph Lundgren)

2004 Punisher

2008 Punisher War Zone 

Justice League

1997 Justice League

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

1990 Turtles

1991 Turtles II Das geheimnis der Ozone

1993 Turtles III

2007 TMNT

2009 TMNT Forever

Green Hornet

1940 Green Hornet

2011 Green Hornet

Flash Gordon

1980 Flash Gordon


2003 Die liga der aussergewöhnlichen Gentleman


2010 Kickass

Das Phantom

1996 das Phantom


2004 Hellboy

2007 Hellboy II Die Goldene Armee


2008 300


1997 Spawn


2009 Watchmen

Clever und Smart

2005 Clever und Smart

Bulletproof Monk

2003 Bulletproof Monk

Death Note

2006 Death Note

2008 Death Note the Last Name

2009 Death Note L Change The world


1970 Dragonball The Saga begins

2009 Dragonball Evolution

Deketiv Conan

2006 Shinichi Kudo

2007 Detektiv Conan 2

2011 Detektiv Conan 3 

Josie and the Pussycats

2001 Josie and the Pussycats

Lucky Luke

1991 Lucky Luke

2005 Die Daltons gegen Lucky Luke

2009 Lucky Luke 

Scott Pilgrim

2010Sott Pilgrim VS The World

Sin City

2005 Sin City

V wie Vendetta

2005 V wie Vendetta


Well, much happened in that time, i got a girlfriend and dumped her because she lied to me. I said something like this here

But guess what she deserved it.  God dammit why is everybody so unthankful in this world?Anyhow i have better things to do with my time than waste it to girls that are playing with my heart. Like playing with my band or record a solo Record.Yes, right I’m recording a solo record. For all my Homies my Bros. and Sis!At this time i want to thank some people who made me believe in me and those who are dedicated songs to. Let’s start right away with the fucking mayhem! i like to start with dedication of the songs that go along with a little bit of explanation!
1. Scum - This song is dedicated to me and other me XD well cut it shortly it’s about being the only one who does his own thing and doesn’t give a fuck about the others!
2.Felt Like Home - Dedicated to my first real love in my Life. This is for you J. It’s about letting someone go, even if it hurts and then realizing shouldn’t have done this.
3.Story of a cheated Boy - Dedicated to all my ex girlfriends that cheated on me, that are almost all of them. They’d sleep around with other guys… this is a girlbashing song =D
4.I am what iam - Dedicated to my Childhood and Lydia Jewel Chaki. She reminded me how beautiful life can be and to have fun. Lydia you are great and somewhat of my savior! So this is a big thanks to you *huggles* The song is about growing up and wondering why everything is so blurry when you are an adult.
5.Happens one Time - Dedicated to Kelsee . The great Lioness… You are such a great person i feel great for knowing you sweetheart and  well don’t believe in things the others say, you are great no matter what happens! The plot of the song is always stay true to yourself and stick to your own beliefs.
6. Home of the Dumb - Dedicated to all people i hate especially Phillip Herder… FUCK YOU! This song is about my ex band i played in. I felt really dumb in that band. Thanks to you guys =D
7.Slut - Dedicated to all my slutty ex gf’s that cheated on me! Another girl bashing song!
8.Up all night - Dedicated to Leanne Flores. You are my first homie sis! There is no other first , you know that! This song is like a big hug to you…. You sweet piece of ass… *poke you know it’s only a saying* Wish you all the best with your Boyfriend! The song itself is about being up all night, for someone you really like /love wait until that one’s come online =D
9.You’re Made to… - Dedicated to Lydia Jewel Chaki. There is only one thing , she is made to be awesome!The song is about being an awesome person! =D
10.Everything Ends - Dedicated to all Lovers and the one’s who lost someone out there. and that is also the plot of the Song.11.Rock City No.1 - Dedicated to the city i live in. My city is shit for calling it Rock City No.1  we never were. It’s a fuck you to the guys that used that term. but i beleieve someday when idiots are dead and gangsters too, we can be Rock City No.1.
12.Sore wa no ai no tame ni subete no -  Dedicated to Lydia again =D Girl you make me write good songs. It’s a japanese one and the Lyrics are also japanese. I guess if you ever get that translated someday… you will punch me in da face , little cute Cherry Pie =D And no i won’t tell you what it’s about… find out yourself!

So last but not least… the Cover of that CD. It will be availible for free download at the 15 of July 2011. but only for 2 weeks, be sure to grab it then =X
Ahh man Music and mayhem and big thank you’s and Fuck you’s ….Life’s great isn’t it? HahahaIn my own words i think i am still a nerd, a geek , a punk no one likes somehow … but hey there are some people that believe in me and show me that through some love.

I’ll guess some people are going to shit their pants when they start reading my shit but wait… maybe not… I’m Captain Underpants… Up Up And AWAY! XDDD4:00 am in Germany and i am still not tired. Why is that so?! Anyhow i should go to bed and write some more this evening.
Love and Pacman all over the world! 

Bamm Outta Here!


Rocking and Rolling

In my Blog it’s all about music or other funny shit! Everthing interesting my little mofos :D Yes i use stronge language and i am proud to do it! Fuck yeah! 

It’s 7 am and i’ve been up all night!More or less i wrote two songs. While listening to MC Lars, Stone Sour and Volbeat. That fucking influenced me! Dammit!I am gonna uploading a new cover on my youtube channel damnityoutbitch666 , yes it’s the name of my channel you assholes! :-D
Fuck the Microsoft generation! I love my iGeneration! Apple rocks! Yes i am one… A GEEK :-D A NERD whatever you wanna call me …i don’t give a fuck :D So this will be it for the first time…. i am coming back in the evening YO! Be prepared all you bitches :D